Copper Water Bottle Lid Becomes Tight


Copper bottle lid too tight?

How to prevent the lid becoming too tight.

Firstly, with Coppercopa bottles, it is not necessary to overtighten the lid. Unlike plastic refillable bottles, securing the lid as tight as you can is not required and not advised.

Copper water bottle lid

Overtightening the lid on a copper bottle can:

  • Damage the silicone seal.
  • Make the bottle difficult to reopen.
  • Damage the actual thread n the bottle.

How tight should the lid be screwed on?

A copper water bottle lid should be fastened securely but without any excess force. Let’s use the example of a metal nut & bolt fastener that you’d like to be able to adjust by hand without the need for any tools.


If over time the lid on a copper bottle becomes too tight, simply apply a small amount of oil (a small amount of cooking oil) around the metal thread of the lid.