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How often should I clean a copper bottle?

We recommend rinsing thoroughly after every use. To prevent the natural process of oxidation, we recommend a thorough clean every 30 days. Read full instructions.

Is there a metallic taste to the water once it has been stored in a copper water bottle?

No. The water from a copper bottle does not have a metallic taste. The taste is clean, fresh and pure but not metallic.

You advertise this as a completely plastic-free option, does your packaging include any packaging?

The bottles come in paper / card packaging. The cardboard boxes are gloss finished card which can be recycled. A small amount of tape may be used is the outer packaging for shipping. The seal for the lid on our bottles is made from silicone. Silicone can be recycled.

Can drinking from copper bottles cure my copper deficiency?

Great question. There is a lack of scientific study on this answer and for that reason, we will make no claims that drinking from our bottles will “cure copper deficiency”.

Can I store my copper bottle in the fridge?

Best not to. We advise storing the bottle in a cool, dry place. There is no harm in filling the copper bottle with refrigerated water but we advise against storing the copper bottle in the fridge. The reason is that the refrigeration process could undo all of the benefits and positive properties such as alkalinisation that can be gained by storing the bottle at room temperature. It’s worth mentioning that the reflective internal copper does maintain temperature well. Therefore filling with cold water will remain colder for much longer than a plastic bottle. Read more…

Are the copper bottles leak-proof?

Yes. These reusable copper bottles have air-tight seal made with silicone to ensure it is leak proof. It is also completely plastic-free making this a great zero waste water bottle.

What is the name of the traditional practice of drinking from copper bottles?

Tamra Jal – Ayurveda Benefits of drinking Water from a copper water bottle.

Can hot or warm drinks be stored in a copper bottle?

No. Filling a copper bottle with hot or boiling water for drinking will have an unfavourable effect on the beneficial properties of the bottle. Furthermore, boiling water will absorb too much copper into the water.

Are Coppercopa copper bottles ethically manufactured?

Yes. Absolutely yes. This subject is hugely important to us. Our copper water bottles have been handcrafted by traditional artisans in Northern India. Our supplier was specifically selected by us on location to ensure that WFTO Fair Trade guidance is in place.

How tight do I fasten the lid on a copper bottle?

It is not necessary or advised to overtighten the lid on a copper bottle. Compare to a metallic nut & bolt fastener that you would want to be able to adjust without the need for any tools. For more on this, read our customer support article.

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