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During one of my recent trips to India I discovered these pure copper water bottles which were hugely popular in various towns and cities.

It wasn’t until one day I picked one up and started speaking with the shop owner about what these popular bottles were all about, what were they made from, why are the so popular in rural towns throughout India and what is the story behind them and benefits.

The next 30 minute conversation with Danish taught me all about the Indian medical science Ayurveda and how for over 3000 years Ayurveda has recommended drinking water from a copper vessel to balance all the three doshas (Kapha, Vata and Pitta) which intrigued me and prompted me to purchase a pure copper water bottle (2 actually, It’s always a struggle to buy for my parents when I’m travelling but this seemed a great gift with a great story behind it and as both suffer from joint pains).

Once back in the UK I did some extensive research and my idea of promoting these water bottles at events and festivals seemed exciting.

No plastic and refillable from a simple tap. As the pure copper kills all bacteria in the water they even seemed perfect for my own travels!

So after a lot of research and sourcing the best suppliers for quality in India we were able to take shipment of our first order with our unique Meena designs.


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Our exclusive design range includes classic traditional Meena designs.

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There are approx. 6 trillion tons of copper residing in the Earth’s crust. This makes copper a readily available resource material.


Most of our range are available in two sizes: 750ml & 1000ml