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If you wish to stock our copper water bottles please get in touch via the contact page.

We provide wholesale distribution services & affiliate reseller packages.


  • Promotional or Business Gifts

    We can brand our copper water bottles with your logo and company message. Minimum order 25.

  • No Stock Holding

    No stock holding option is available for e-commerce and we can dispatch to your customers within 48 hours.

  • Events & Fairs

    Contact us if you are interested in adding our copper water bottles to your unique product collection at events, fairs & luxury-goods markets.

We are currently recruiting exclusive retailers to promote our products online. 

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Copper Water Bottles - UK

All of our products are available in two sizes: 750ml & 1000ml

Affiliate Partners

We run an affiliate program to help you generate extra revenue from links and banners from your website, ebook, blog or YouTube channel.

Contact us today to apply to become an affiliate partner of Coppercopa.

Affiliate URL links are available in direct URL links or banners.

Send us a link to your website or YouTube channel. Our admin team will run a quick check on appropriate association to ensure that your content isn't offensive or inappropriate. We will then send you an invitation to quickly & easily sign up as an affiliate partner.

All affiliate applications must be manually approved.

  • Generous Commission Rates

    We offer between 2x & 5x the average commission rate than the UK's most popular online retail operator.

  • 30 Day Lead History

    A lead from your link resulting in sales will last for 30 days. Most affiliate programs only offer between 12 Hours - 7 days.

  • Control Panel Tracking

    Login to your exclusive partner Control Panel at any time to track your sales and progress. Our link creator tool lets you link to specific products.

  • No Middleman Broker

    We operate our own affiliate partner program therefore you will earn the full percentage of the commission.

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Copper Water Bottle Selection - Meena design
Refill - Reuse
Environmentally friendly

Choose Copper - Not Plastic

Approx. 13 BILLION plastic bottles are used each year in the UK. This has to stop! 

Our Story
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Copper is a 100% recyclable metal. An estimated 80% of the copper that has ever been mined – is still in use today.