Guide To Cleaning A Copper Water Bottle


How To Clean & Maintain Your Copper Water Bottle

Clean A Copper Water Bottle

  1. Add Water

    Add cold clean water. Approx. 25% of the capacity. (or 1 x cup)

  2. Add Lemon Juice

    Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the bottle.

  3. Add Salt

    Add 1 x Tablespoon of salt to the bottle. (Baking soda can be used instead of salt).

  4. Close Lid & Shake

    With the lid closed, shake vigorously for 30 seconds. (Like a cocktail shaker).

  5. Empty & Rinse

    Rinse thoroughly with clean fresh water.

That’s it. Good as new.

How Often Should I Thoroughly Clean The Copper Bottle?

Rinse well after every use with clean water. (The same as any other reusable water bottle).

Thorough cleaning using salt & lemon is recommended every 30 days. This will prevent oxidation staining. The natural process of oxidation will take place with any copper vessel storing water.

If natural oxidation staining occurs too quickly, the benefits of the copper bottle will lessen.

What Is Oxidation?

Oxidation is the natural loss of electrons. Oxidation reduces the benefits of drinking from copper vessels. For this reason we recommend cleaning thoroughly, approximately every 30 days.

Can I Use Washing Up Liquid To Clean A Copper Bottle?

There is no harm in washing a copper bottle using regular washing detergent. Rinse afterwards though with clean tap water.

Copper Water Bottle General Maintenance

Do not over-tighten the lid. These bottles are leak proof with the (recyclable) silicone seal. However, as the bottles are made from pure copper, we recommend that you do not overtighten the lid. This could cause damage to the seal and make them more difficult to re-open.

Drying a copper bottle. These bottles are designed for every day use. If you do not plan to use the bottle for any length of time, allow it to drip drip upside down. Or use paper towels or cotton dish towels to dry.

Storing A Copper Water Bottle

Store a copper water bottle in a dry place. In a kitchen cupboard with other cups and dishes is fine.